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Nub-e is a system combing fire breakers preventive properties (planning and anticipation) with the need to apply extinguishing agents directly over vegetation, generating an artificial rain effect completely configurable.

Nub-e is ready to be rapidly deployed, and be fully operative for large periods of time, being sensible to temperature variation, 100% biodegradable, not using explosive, toxic or dangerous products.

Pyro is testing these innovative systems in the AF3 European Research and Development Project, funded by the Framework Programme Seventh (FP7) Security Call. Pyro is responsible for the design and test of new systems oriented towards critical infrastructures and urban interface fire protection

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B-SEED is an environmental sensing capsule, able to track information on different variables that indicate the likelihood of a forest fire at a very specific area, and to send (GSM / Satellite) it to relevant awareness / decision making organisms to be analysed by them. B-SEED can be used also autonomously to secure fire brigades withdrawal routes in an emergency situation. Therefore, it has to be an autonomous, robust and reliable equipment, able to be rapidly deployed when needed

Bseed demo

Nub-e - Active Prevention system against Forest Fires

B-Seed - Smart Landscape Monitoring Solutions