Pyro is a start-up company founded in 2011 focused on environmental technology engineering. We are part of the accelerator hub of Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Instituto Ideas, and have had the support of several public and private institutions during our seed stage.

Our mission is to contribute to the Protection and Preservation of natural space by means of the design, engineering and production of innovative solutions for Control and Extinction of Forest Fires, specially those located in urban interface areas and critical infrastructures, in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development of human activities.

We believe in the key role of passion as a driver of imagination, creation and design of added value solutions that enable a better and more sustainable world.

We contribute with public and private institutions at an international level, being part of the AF3 (Advanced Forest Fire Fighting) Consortium funded by the European Union as an Integration Project in Framework Program Seventh (FP7)


What we do

We are focused on the development of innovative solutions for forest fire fighting, including new approaches on extinction, prevention and monitoring of risk areas, providing useful, precise and lean information and security in forest fighting operations’ design and implementation.


Improve Protection and Preservation of natural areas by means of the design and engineering of effective, safe and innovative solutions.


To be a reference company in Environmental Engineering being at the cutting edge of technologies applied to natural areas and open spaces control and monitoring.

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