Who we are

We believe that people passionate about their work are those who can imagine, create and design product truly useful and valuable. Our values are passion, performance, honestity, integrity and desire to work to create a better world, making possible a sustainable development.

Pyro Fire Extinction

Pyro is a technological company focused on the design of products applied to Control and Extinction of Forest Fires, with the objective to introduce new tools to allow safer operations, with better control and effectiveness in the protection of natural spaces agains the menace of forest fires. Pyro has the support of Universidad Politécnica de València and public and private entities who have contributed their support and financial resources to the company.

Pyro's history is inseparably linked to UPV. The company's creation follows the José Luís Liz's Master Thesis in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales. Pyro Business Plan and first steps are conceived with the support of Instituto IDEAS. As a result of this collaboration, Pyro participated selected by UPV in the II Uniproyecta project contest, in which Pyro and UPV were awarded the first prize. The members of Pyro team are all former UPV students and a former ETSIAMN professor is responsible for forestry department.

This collaboration has continued up to today, being intense since the establishment of Pyro at the Ciutat Politècnica de la Innovació (CPI) facilities.

Pyro is created as a legal entity in 2009, and in this moment starts its work seeking collaboration and support. A key association is created with the public company ISDEFE depending from the Spanish Ministry of Defence. Thanks to this association, in 2011 Pyro starts to be part of a European Consortium requesting the support of the European Commission (Call Reference N°: FP7-SEC-2013-4.1-6) in the field of forest fire fighting. This project, in its definitive version known as AF3 is supported with 18 M€ and involves 19 partners from 10 different European Countries.

International Partners

AF3 European Project "Preparedness for and management of Large Scale forest fires" 

In AF3 we work with specialists from all over Europe in the design, development and validation of innovative technologies tailored to the improvement of forest fire fighting capacities at a global level.



Pyro, Universitat Politècnica de València success case