"We help fire fighters to raise safety level in their operations"

Pyro is a start-up company focused on environment. Pyro is supported by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) and other public and private entities who have granted support and funding.

At Pyro we work in product design for Control and Extinction of Forest Fires, with the objective to create new tools that allow safer operations, higher control and eficiency in the protection of natural spaces against the forest fires threat.

Pyro applies an organizational approach to innovation process. Our company strategy identifies R&D as a crucial activity for competitiveness and value creation.

We cooperate with state agencies and public companies at international level in the research and development for innovative products, leading the development of forest fire countermeasures (Nub-e) in the European Project AF3 (Advanced Forest Fire Fighting. SEC-2013.4.1-6) funded by the European Commission through the Framework Program Seventh. 

Partner of European Project AF3 "Advanced Forest Fire Fighting" - Grant Agreement n° 607276


Our Activity

We develop innovative systems for forest fire fighting, making accesible new solutions in extinction, prevention and data acquistion in risk areas, providing agility and safety in the design and implementation of fire fighting operations


Improve Protection and Conservation capacities of natural spaces, by means of the development of innovative, secure and eficient solutions

Forest Fire Fighting Tech

Pyro offers tools that make posible new strategies in forest fire fighting for both professional and non-professional users, and improve personal safety in fire risk situations.